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It’s a Bonny Day for Dancin’!

Posted on Mar 16 by

Top o’ the morning to ye, and it’s a bonny day for dancin’! In spring or anytime, I find that dance is a lovely way to increase my vigor and celebrate my day. It’s...


Meeting the Young Learner’s Needs

Posted on Mar 6 by

I often hear from parents who are discouraged about their child’s learning progress. Sometimes they’ll tell me that their youngster is bright, and that he or she shows...


Eyes and Ears on a Scavenger Hunt!

Posted on Jan 24 by

My 10-year old granddaughter and I were hanging out after school. I could see that she wasn’t yet interested in starting her homework on this bright, wintry California...


The Cross Crawl: A Remarkable Movement

Posted on Jan 14 by

  Watch someone do her first Cross Crawl* and what do you see? For people of any age, doing this activity inevitably brings a smile as they begin to experience the natural...

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