October 18: I arrived in northern Germany at 11:00 last night. My dear friend of many years, Renate Wennekes, founder of the IKL (Institute for Kinesiology Learning) met me at the train station and drove us an hour through the wooded forest to Damme. This is perhaps my fifth trip to Damme—a large village surrounded by forest. Today is a day off for me. This morning I hiked around the lake with another dear friend, Brain Gym® Instructor Lisa Marcovici from Montreal. During our walk, I shared with her about the time, only four years ago, that I was hiking here with no directions and got terribly lost for half a day in this same thickly wooded forest.


My story reminded me of the poem “Lost” by David Wagoner, and I recited it to Lisa, emphasizing a line that always touches me: “I have made this place around you, If you leave it you may come back again, saying Here.” I explained to Lisa that when, in the early evening of that escapade, I finally came to a sign that said “Damme,” I cried for joy. Those hours lost in the woods gave me a lot to reflect on, and still remind me of how lost a person can feel without a map or compass. I was grateful then, as I am now, for the Edu-K tools I have that reconnect me with my inner compass.

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