Paul and I have put up a small Christmas tree this year, just under three feet tall. We’re calling it our fairy tree, and are dressing it up with homemade decorations. This week I’m feeling the need for some especially close interactions with the grandchildren, and for doing things by hand. Our two granddaughters spent the afternoon here helping me craft ornaments. With pipe cleaners, wooden beads, and fabric scraps, we made small people, butterflies, a puppy, and curlicue icicles. A dear friend who loves to quilt and has been taking time to make beautiful quilts for her family gave me the colorful fabric scraps adorning our tree. It’s bringing me much joy to use them.


Later our oldest grandson came by and helped me “grow” our little tree into magical proportions by use of the children’s favorite play scarves. I was imagining a small tree in the mountains, touched by a swirl of brightly colored snow, while my grandson (a beauty maker, like his dad) thought we should put the emphasis on the symmetry of the tree itself. As you’ll see in the photo, the result was a little of each.

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