I’m feeling inspired by the Alexander seedlings and by Stephen Jepson’s video Never Leave the Playground (see review). Jepson, in his early seventies, is always moving playfully (mostly outdoors!) and sharing with others how to do so. My oldest grandson helped me place some new rocks and stepping stones in a meandering fashion through the flowers and shrubbery along the edge of the patio. This way, the grandkids can hop and skip along the stones (and, quite likely, I will, too), with the Alexanders and their strong verticality as a focal point.

I still have a few organic lettuces and Swiss chard growing along the side of the house. I raised these from seedlings last fall, and was surprised many times over by how much attention it can take, and for how long, to grow plants from seed. Despite all my care, I still lost many. The few remaining plants are vibrant with flavor. Paul enjoys them in an evening salad, and I like to eat just a few of these leaves in the morning, if I can get to them before the roly poly bugs.

For more about vertical alignment and the Alexanders, click here.

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