It’s beautiful, sunny, and clear here in Ventura after last night’s drizzle. It’s good to have Paul home again—for a few days now, he’s been resting and readjusting after his long tour of courses.

News reports of the recent struggles for so many people on the East Coast have left me feeling somewhat dazed and vulnerable. I notice that the sweeping news images of nature unbound have shaken my trust in the natural world and made me aware of the way we are all connected, taking me back even to natural disasters that I heard my parents talk about from their childhoods. At the moment, the planet seems small and fragile. Doing Hook-ups, the Positive Points, and other Brain Gym® activities has helped. Relaxing into Hook-ups, I find that I quickly become attuned to any negative undercurrents in my mental and emotional spheres and am able to release them.


Walking in our garden last night at dusk, Paul and I were filled with gratitude for all that we have—our family, health, home, and so much love. As we walked and talked, we were surprised to see the first purple iris just beginning to bud—a promise of the spring that can come so early in Southern California. The thriving loveliness of this delicate flower stimulated and held my centralized focus, and I felt truly grounded in my body for the first time in days. The natural world can seem relentless, yet it also offers simplicity and healing. I’m still holding in my mind and heart the surprising contrast of two very different natural experiences. Nature’s resilience, and my own ability to rebound so readily (after all, I’m part of nature, too), is soothing my sense of loss.

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