Playing in the Unified Field: Raising and Becoming Conscious, Creative Human Beings

by Carla Hannaford, with a Foreword by William A. Tiller

Great River Books, 2010, 256 pages

Gail E. Dennison

As Paul Dennison said in his first-page endorsement of this book: “In this passionate call to live fully with joy, play, and authenticity, Carla Hannaford awakens us to a new and emerging paradigm of reality. She offers the science of quantum physics to support her conclusions that each of us, as part of the unified whole, affects each other. By living with an intention to create coherence in our lives, we create the possibility of fulfillment for all.”

Carla Hannaford, the bestselling author of Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head, calls on her experience as a parent, biologist, and educator to give us an interpretation of quantum physics and brain research within an inspiring new framework for living. Playing in the Unified Field offers inspiration and practical advice for raising families with love, trust, presence, and coherence.

Our human ideas about our identity and capabilities lag far behind what the science of the last century has shown us. The author would have us remember that, “We are vibrational fields in a sea of vibrational fields, open to all potential. We are dynamic, learning beings with unavoidable power to influence one another and the surrounding world. The time has come to integrate these discoveries into our lives and the ways we raise and educate our children.”

Hannaford is an award-winning science teacher and internationally recognized educational consultant who has presented more than seven hundred lectures and workshops in thirty countries through the past two decades. Her books have been translated into many languages.

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