A Flower-Filled Double Doodle Heart

A Flower-Filled Double Doodle Heart

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and a great time to express our love and gratitude to friends and family. Here are two Valentine art projects—one that you can draw and the other that you can make—using both hands together. Each takes just a few minutes, or longer if you really get into it. You might then give these to someone special.

For the most fun (and best results, too!) you’ll want to first relax your eyes with Brain Buttons* and the Double Doodle, and your whole-body with the Cross Crawl. If you wish, choose additional activities from the videos or some that you already know from the whole Brain Gym® menu. Two-handed drawing is most easily done with relaxed eyes and hands.

A Flower-Filled Double Doodle Heart – To draw a similar image (see photo above left), you’ll need only a light-colored paper (I chose manilla), some thin markers, and crayons, if you wish. Begin by folding the paper in half so you can see the midline. Holding a marker in each hand, draw the shape of the heart. If you haven’t previously double-doodled, you’ll likely to be surprised at how easy it is to draw a symmetrical shape. However, one of the lovely things about the Double Doodle is how pleasing the asymmetries can be! If you want to practice before committing to paper (or want more information on the Double Doodle and its benefits), click here. Next, Double Doodle the ruffled edge of the doily, turning the heart as you work, so that you can keep your hands and pen tips close together. I made the doily shape by joining very small half-ovals in a somewhat random “hills and valleys” rhythm. To suggest lace, I then added the tiny circles.

With the outer edge complete, I now filled in with various flowers. I made the daisies by moving my hands rhythmically in and out for the petals, then filling in the daisy centers with tiny, circular scribble marks. I made the roses by drawing spirals or reciprocal half-moons, then adding petals around the outside. To complete the heart, I filled in spaces with various colored spirals, circles, and tiny flowers.

Two hanging hearts made with pipe cleaners and wrapped yarn. I added a flower for whimsy.

Two hanging hearts made with pipe cleaners and wrapped yarn. I added a flower for whimsy.

A Colorful Heart-Shaped Decoration – For the second project, you’ll need yarn and one or more bendy sticks (aka: pipe cleaners) for each heart, depending on the size you want.  (I made two hearts; see the photo at right.) To begin, form the bendy stick into a heart shape. Now tie one end of the yarn to the side of the heart. Weave the yarn diagonally back and forth across the heart shape, every which way, until you’re satisfied with the thickness. You can add a small flower or plant, for whimsy, as I did.

As you complete each of these activities, take a moment to notice the level of relaxation you experience in your eyes and hands.

Wishing you an awesome Valentine’s Day Celebration with those you love!

Brain Buttons and the Cross Crawl, and the Double Doodle are part of the 26 Brain Gym® activities described in Brain Gym®: Teacher’s Edition by Dennison and Dennison, © 2010, and taught in Brain Gym®  101: Balance for Daily Living.

The introductory course Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole-Brain Vision offers a full day of exploration built on mirror-image mark-making and painting. For the name of a Brain Gym instructor, see the Foundation website, below. For a Double Doodle Play instructor, click on the link and look up 105DD under courses.

Text and photos © 2013 by Gail E. Dennison. All rights reserved.

Brain Gym® is a trademark of Brain Gym® International/the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. Click here for the name of an instructor near you.


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