November 1: I was glad to have flight time to review the notes for my keynote presentation at the International Kinesiology College Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Juan Carlos Monge, head of the Vida Kinesiologia Institute there, put together a dynamic program and also served as my translator.

My course and presentation went well. I talked about the Brain Gym®activities in light of new findings on neuroplasticity, and discussed how scientists used to think that the brain ages, but now find that purposeful movement grows new brain cells. The audience of 200 rose in a standing ovation when I concluded by saying, “The thinking in neuroscience about the brain was once, Use it or lose it. Now the prevailing thought is, Keep learning and grow it!”

As always, I found these days of traveling and teaching to be rich and nurturing. Even though I’m an advocate of movement I have, in the past, sometimes yielded to those who want the left-brain information and sit too long in the audience without moving, pens in hands, waiting for information. This time we all walked our talk after I said, “Look at us. Are we alive? One test of whether something is alive is whether it moves. By that test, I’m wondering!”

At that point, before giving any new material or explanations, I played music and got everyone up out of their chairs for an elaborate, freeform experience of the four PACE activities from the Brain Gym® 26. I modeled integrated movement and the audience all joyfully followed along; swirling, jumping, kicking, cross-crawling, double-doodling, Energy Yawning, and laughing along with me. When we all sat down again after Hook-ups, our happy, attentive brains were clearly more awake. We all agreed that we now felt alive and ready to learn. (Click here for some research about dancing and brain function.)

To see a YouTube video of great photos of the International Congress of Kinesiology, (II Congreso Internacional de Kinesiologia in Español), go to

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