October 13: I begin my 2012 European travels in Zurich, Switzerland, after a red-eye flight from Los Angeles. For me, Zurich is like a second home. Soon I’m walking down Konradstrasse (Konrad Street), where I have walked so many times before. Everything is right here for me: the IKAMED Institute, where I will teach, my hotel, an Internet café where I can write to Gail, and fabulous restaurants for lunch. I especially love the Spätzli homemade noodles and the Rösti (a Swiss dinner version of hash browns) with fried eggs.

The day is sunny, the air fresh, crisp, and light, and I feel welcome in this lovely city where I have taught some fifteen times since my first course here with Gail in 1983. On that trip, Rosmarie Sonderegger, our sponsor, was still teaching at the university. Now a Brain Gym® International Faculty member, she teaches just for the Institute, and I am delighted to once again see her daughter-in-law Martina, who now sponsors my travels here. I settle in and reacquaint myself with the walk through the Old Town that stretches along the Limmat River, following the narrow lanes around St. Peter’s church tower with its enormous clock face, and revisiting a favorite bridge that Gail and I have often walked across.

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