What People Are Saying About Brain Gym and Edu-K Balancing

As a special needs educator, I continue to be so very grateful for Brain Gym®, not just for my students but as a tool for myself on a daily basis. I have some changes afoot here—good, but stressful nonetheless. Last night I woke up all buzzy in the middle of the night and did a quick self-balance without even getting out of bed. I went back to sleep easily and woke up feeling much better this morning. What an amazing tool Gail and Paul have given to the world!

—Marjie Citron, OTR/L, LMT

Brain Gym® Instructor, New York, USA

THANK YOU for all you have done and continue to do! I just completed my Brain Gym Teacher Practicum with the lovely Colleen Gardner, and I’m so excited to begin the new phase of my life as a Brain Gym® Instructor. Just this week I did several group repatternings for dancers who have their ballet exams next week. It was so profound for everyone! My body feels different, too . . . my balance especially, as I did the repatterning for a goal. Next up: Visioncircles and ditching my glasses!

—Mariah-Jane Thies

dance educator, British Columbia, Canada

I sleep much better since I’ve started practicing Brain Gym. When I wake up at night, I do PACE, and then can fall back to sleep easily most of the time. This brings much more vitality to my daily life. I noticed that it’s much easier and quicker to memorize facts when I do a balance just before I study. A few minutes of movement saves me so much time, as well as making my studying much more pleasant. (Translated from the French by Lisa Marcovici)

—Marie-Claude Dubois

psychoeducator, Quebec, Canada

My daughter Audrey, age 14, struggled in school and thought she was stupid. She was diagnosed with dyslexia; however, nothing that we did was helping her. When she met Dr. Dennison she told him, “I don’t have a brain.” We listened and watched as Audrey struggled to read aloud for us, pointing to each word with her forefinger to keep her place on the line. Like a beginning reader, she decoded word by word, without comprehension of the text, apparently inhibiting her left eye. Dr. Dennison checked Audrey’s eye dominance. Finding her left-eyed, he explained that adult reading for comprehension requires the left eye to be active, not passive. He said that left-eye dominant kids often inhibit that eye in order to point to each word with the non-dominant right eye as they learn the code for beginning reading. Years later, they don’t know how to access their dominant left eye again when they need it. Audrey next experienced Dennison Laterality Repatterning and the Lazy 8s. It was a miracle! After that, she read fluently and with full comprehension—her left eye leading the way! Since the balance, I’ve noticed that she reads without putting her finger on the text-line, thus her eyes lead her through a whole page of reading. The task of reading comes easier to her now, with less effort. She’s happier and funnier and much more fun to be around. Her mood is well balanced and her confidence is growing. It feels like I have found my little girl again after all these years, laughing, singing, always moving. There is still a long way ahead of us, but it has been so exciting and astonishing to see how in just one hour a little girl can change her way of looking at the world and feel different about how the world looks back at her. Our thanks and gratitude go out to Paul Dennison who made my girlie’s world a bit easier and more colorful to live in.ave given to the world!

—Prisca Wept

homeopathic specialist, Lausanne, Switzerland

Today I was feeling a lot of pain in my right knee. I’ve had this from a surfing accident about a month ago. I fell and twisted my knee underwater, causing a loud pop and a great deal of pain. Paul had me do what I guess you would call exercises from the Brain Gym® program, and that was it. Immediately after, I felt ten times better. My pain had been at 9-10 and was reduced to 0-1. Paul also showed me how pain in one area can affect the balance in other parts of the body.

—Kaj Wirsing

college student, California, USA

It was my first Brain Gym® course and first balance. My goal was to better hear my inner voice. My instructor taught me the Elephant. After just doing one side . . . whomp! I felt all this energy in my brain, and all at once I could listen to myself and hear my thoughts. What a gift!

—Katia Panades

Yoga instructor, Catalonia, Spain

Thank you for the fantastic 5 days you spent with us in Switzerland teaching your lifelong research. Seeing you at work was like rediscovering the whole method, as if I finally integrated into my heart and cells something that I had understood with only my mind until now. When you talked about a painful or blocked jaw, I knew that I needed to get a balance, as I had kept going on with these tensions for too long. The following morning, instead of getting up after a whole night of being tense, I realized that my jaw and neck muscles were more relaxed than ever. But I didn’t expect that it would change so many other things in my body posture and also inner posture. The direct results after the balance were that the sole of my right foot, which previously never really fully touched the floor correctly, was able to relax and turn toward the ground. That caused some readjustments in the muscles of my entire right leg, mainly in the adductor. I felt changes in my hip too. I noticed that the muscles in the back of my left leg reorganized as well, mainly in the calf. Finally, over the course of a few days, and with my head now centered in a more balanced position on my spine, I strongly felt my left eye working more easily with my right eye in the midfield! All these physical benefits will surely have outcomes in my life, helping me to see things in a different way, to step out with more power, and to attain my goals of expansion more easily, and in a more accurate and relaxed way. I thank you again with all my heart.

—Nadia Leu

Kinesiologist, Lausanne, Switzerland

If someone had asked me when I was younger how happy I was, I likely would have said 8 on a scale of 10. When I was 41 I attended my first Brain Gym course, and I’ve been studying in the field for over 10 years now. In hindsight, I realize the psychic and sensory numbing I had lived with and my disconnectedness from the pleasure of others, nature, learning, singing, reading, storytelling, my work as a nurse, and new experiences. Now I see that for most of my life I had very little curiosity and was closer to 4 on the blah-zest scale. I have encountered no other tools that so clearly showed me my level of stress (physical, psychological, or emotional) and gave me concrete, quick, and fun activities to make a shift. Brain Gym allowed me to find deep personal joy—a reconnecting to the innate miracle within myself and others. My immense gratitude to Paul and Gail!

—Janet Clancy

Brain Gym® Instructor, Montreal, Canada

I first started studying Brain Gym® for my son, Alex, over 14 years ago. Repeatedly, Brain Gym helped him acquire the physical skills needed for learning, and thanks to Brain Gym he became a successful elementary school student. When Alex was going through the teenage ritual of getting braces, Paul Dennison came to Montreal for the first time. Alex was 14, and had just received the famous ‘cross bow.’ He had been in terrible pain for over a week, and was hardly eating. Paul offered to give him a balance, and after the Total Core Repatterning Alex jumped off the table and proceeded to eat an entire pizza, all smiles! Just last year when Alex started college, Brain Gym helped us again. Going through so many changes all at once—at school, at home, and within his own body—Alex grew depressed and anxious. He stopped all activity, including contact with his friends, didn’t finish getting his driver’s license, and even contemplated suicide. It was difficult, as parents, to watch our son deal with this anguish. Once again, Paul invited us to come and see him, and this time Alex came along to Ventura while I took a 10-day In-Depth class with Paul. Alex had three sessions with Paul, I had one, and we had one together. The changes in my son were almost immediate. He felt ready to go back to school (he’d dropped out during the fall session), he became interested in life again, and he resumed going out with his friends. I felt so relieved. I learned to let go of my child and admire and respect this new young man, who would find his own way with confidence and inner peace. What an incredible gift to witness this growth! Brain Gym has become a huge part of my life, and I am forever grateful to Paul and Gail for developing this powerful technique and sharing it with the world.

—Lisa Marcovici

Brain Gym® Instructor, Quebec, Canada

I was at first interested in Brain Gym® for my son, who was nervous, had trouble concentrating, and used oppositional behavior to avoid tasks. I’ve worked for over 15 years with parents and children who live with various difficulties. The discovery of Brain Gym has allowed me to better understand what is happening in the brain—how it functions—and also what’s happening in the body. The body knows what it needs; we must trust it. This is what fascinates me most about Brain Gym: its global nature. The balances I’ve received have allowed me to notice very quickly an opening of my mind—a new way of seeing, listening, and feeling things. For the first time I’m able to integrate goals I’ve had for a very long time: to take care of myself and respect my own boundaries. Thank you, Paul and Gail, for myself and for all.(Translated from the French by Lisa Marcovici)

—Manon Lefebvre

social worker, Quebec, Canada

I started learning Brain Gym for the children in my daycare center, and quickly noticed that it was doing a lot for me. Since my youth, I have always had back pain. In repeating the exercises of the Focus Dimension [the Lengthening Activities], I realized that my body was changing and healing was happening. I trusted and continued, and my hip realigned on its own. I’ve done all sorts of therapies, including chiropractic and osteopathic, that did more harm than good. [I experienced] bursitis in both knees, and I had to stop working because I could barely walk. Brain Gym reset everything ever so gently. Now I do the activities with my mother, who just had a stroke and doesn’t speak or participate much anymore. When I do PACE with her, I see a big difference: she talks, participates, and connects to others. (Translated from the French by Lisa Marcovici)

—Carolle Hebert Duclos

daycare provider, Quebec, Canada

My husband, age 63, had a stroke five months ago that left him with monocular vision, hip and shoulder imbalances, and pain in his back. He had improved to a certain level with medication and therapy, however he was not happy with his progress. He agreed to an Educational Kinesiology balance with Dr. Paul Dennison who, through the process, was able to guide him to a restoration of his binocular vision, and to experience balance of his hips, shoulders, and jaw. The results were dramatic and profound. I can see a big change in my husband’s eye movement and whole-body coordination, but most of all what a change in his personality. He is more open to things, more outgoing and cheerful. He listens and hears when I speak and does not say pardon every time, requiring that I repeat everything I say. I can add that his jaw doesn’t make any more noise when he eats. What a relief!


A car accident had severely affected a cranial nerve and the ability of my eyes to move together. Because of the acute diplopia, I was for years only sporadically able to use my binocular vision. At a short distance of 5 to 7 meters, I would see a person sitting with his feet on his face! Or, when looking at a computer screen, I had to choose which screen to write on. Although my eyes looked in opposite directions and it was hard to see myself in a mirror, I slowly adapted to normal life. Fifteen years after the accident, I attended a Brain Gym® Creative Vision course and volunteered for an instructor demonstration. I set a goal, and she facilitated a five-step balance process. I don’t know where or when or how it happened, but at one point when I opened my eyes they moved together as an integrated pair! My distance vision was now completely fused, along with my near vision both down and sideways. Looking straight ahead is not completely fused, but I no longer see feet on people’s faces. My quality of life has improved so much. I would like to let people with visual imbalances know that improvement is possible. Now that my eyes are much more aligned, I can look at myself in the mirror with satisfaction. My heart is full of gratitude and happiness.

—Francesca Simeon

Faculty at Vida Kinesiologia, Catalonia, Spain

I am extremely nearsighted. I began wearing glasses at age six. At age nineteen, when getting contact lenses, the optometrist told me that the optic nerve in my left eye had atrophied due to lack of use. It had been a ‘lazy eye’ and, rather than trying to decipher a blurry image coming from it, my brain simply ignored its input. In doing the pre-checks for a Creative Vision balance with the goal “I see equally well with both eyes,” when looking with only my left eye, I [initially] saw a black line down a page of text, and a black circle looked elongated top to bottom. After doing the Homolateral Reflex Repatterning for my goal, the black line in the midfield disappeared and the black circle became round.


Comments After a Recent Movement Reeducation Course

“I didn’t realize it could be that easy to regain agility.”


“Wow! Now I have a butt!”


“My feet feel more flexible.”


“My hips feel really stable and integrated.”


 “I can walk up and down stairs now without holding on to the banister!”


“I can remember what I’m doing when I walk into a room. It’s a miracle!”

When I started the Movement Reeducation course, I was ready for a nervous breakdown. Then, when Paul explained the muscles and how they relate to our life challenges, it was so easy to understand. When I left, I felt light as a feather—happy. Today I stopped a couple of times to do some Brain Gym® activities, and also took a long walk on the beach. It seemed like I was moving so fast, and my body still feels very light. Walking felt enjoyable, comfortable, and very inviting. I also jumped on the rebounder a couple of times, and noticed all day how easy it was to do my work. Then I started to notice other things, like when I went to bend down and it was so easy to do. Before I knew it, I was organizing my desk till I had everything in order. This course is so fantastic; I wish everyone in the world could take it. I feel like a new woman.

—Lisa Pacifici

retired business executive, California, USA

Comments After Other Edu-K Courses

What I liked most in my Optimal Brain Organization Teacher Training was Paul’s clear and deliberate way of giving information and ‘golden nuggets.’ Brain Gym training is the most holistic and highly integrative whole-body-and-mind training on the planet, and is very needed at this time of great change in the world. It is the key to being grounded, centered, and clear-thinking in a demanding world. I thank Paul and Gail for their love and wisdom in creating such a brilliant, efficient learning tool.

—Tanya Simmons

Brain Gym® Instructor, Louisiana, USA

I arrived without knowledge about ‘The Brain Gym,’ and left as a new person. Everybody should take this course (the Optimal Brain Organization Teacher Training) for both professional and personal reasons. It was a pleasure to learn from the master. Thank you for the opportunity.

—Ivette Merrick

Supervisor of Education, Pennsylvania, USA

I liked the intimate class size—small numbers so we could each personally experience the balances. I became more confident in my inner knowledge and able to teach from my heart. I’ll tell others that I consider it very necessary to have an experience of working with Paul to soak up his inner wisdom.

—Glenys Leadbeater

Brain Gym® Faculty Member, North Island of New Zealand

When I had the chance to take my first Brain Gym® course, I had to choose between spending five days rehearsing 70 minutes of solo dances for an upcoming performance in Singapore or taking the course for 2½ days and having just 2½ days to prepare my solo, which I hadn’t performed for an entire year. I chose to do the course first, and relearned the dances more quickly and with less stress than I would have without my new Brain Gym skills. The performance was the best I had done to date. When later sharing my excitement about Brain Gym in the staff room of the college where we were in residence, I was asked by a teacher to work with her two remedial eighth grade English classes. We did a group reading balance with the first class. Two days later, when I worked with the second class, I found that their classmates in the first class had already taught them all the Brain Gym activities, so we were able to do two balances. When I rehearse, each time I repeat a dance or sequence, I set a goal. This lets me work very efficiently and effectively, quickly layering mastery of elements and qualities of the work. When I teach dance, I often use the Cross Crawl while teaching a new movement sequence. When I teach and use the Brain Gym activities, my experience continually affirms its effectiveness.

—Dana Luebke

dancer, actor, teacher, and Brain Gym® Instructor, Alberta, Canada

Paul’s careful demonstrations and explanations for each muscle were very clear and informative. And, of course, the balances and openings of the various muscles have been expansive and wonderful. I am taller, and I walk, sit, stand, and get up and down with much more comfort and ease. I’m going to tell others that chronic pain in neck, back, shoulders, and knees can be relieved by simple structural reeducation.


—Rick Levendosky
Brain Gym® Instructor, Oregon, USA

Thank you for the wonderful course in Morges. It brought me a lot of pleasure and, since the balance I received, my previously chronic shoulder pain has disappeared. My vision has also improved. When I did a balance with my mother, her vision improved, as well. She can now see much more clearly when she reads a book. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I used the 7-Dimensions balance with all of my clients, who were happy to experience the work and felt much better. I am happy to have such wonderful new tools and techniques for my work. Now I am working with even more pleasure, and am doing PACE all the time with my clients. I feel more positive. Thanks for everything. Wishing you all the best.

—Lucienne Cramatte
Kinesiologist, Switzerland

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