We heard today that on December 5 Sue Stepick, a dear friend and beloved member of the Brain Gym® community, died at age 65 of a heart attack at her home in Henniker, New Hampshire.

Sue was an innovative teacher who brought a background in early childhood education to her varied roles as college faculty, advisor to Head Start teachers, and director of statewide programs for young children and their families in New Hampshire. Always a movement advocate, Sue began taking courses in Educational Kinesiology in 1988. For many years she was the editor of the in-house newsletter The Edu-K Update. Sue loved to teach the Edu-K courses, and regularly taught Brain Gym® 101, Optimal Brain Organization, and Visioncircles, to which latter course she conveyed her interest not only in perceptual skills but also in nature and the outdoors.


Sue took the Movement Dynamics course in the early 1990s and later co-taught with Gail in North Carolina to become a teacher trainer for that course. She nearly always attended Edu-K Gatherings held in the United States, usually as a presenter, and in her talks used the Integrated Movements, the Brain Gym activities, and the Movement Dynamics flows to offer insight into the learning process. We’ll always remember her presentation at the Ventura Gathering in 2002, when she delighted the group by using the Lazy 8s activity to teach belly dancing! Her kindness, wonderful laugh, lighthearted spirit, and love of people were her gifts to all who spent time with her, and she will be greatly missed.

A celebration of Sue’s life will be held at The Kinesiology Connection in Lexington, Massachusetts on Sunday, January 6, at 1:00 p.m.

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