Dear participants in the Brain Gym® International Conference 2013,bird of paradise 2

We’re sending a big thank you to Henry Remanlay and the Indonesian network, Foundation staff members, the International Faculty, the keynote presenters, and all who will be contributing to make this year’s “Balance in Abundance” a successful event. Congratulations on joining together to celebrate learning through movement and the Brain Gym program in the sensuous beauty of Bali, Island of the Gods!

The Brain Gym work continues its steady expansion. More people everywhere are realizing the importance of movement to their learning and everyday function, and the Brain Gym activities and 101 course remain unrivaled in scope, simplicity, and regard for the learner through self-actualizing activities. Neuroscience is starting to catch up with our commonsense understanding of movement and optimal brain/body functioning. In today’s world of technology, near-point skills, and passive sitting, we’re finding the Edu-K work to be more important than ever—not only for schoolchildren but for people of all ages.

Although we won’t be able to join you this year, our hearts are with you and we’re continuing to support your success. Our latest calling has been the creation of this Hearts at Play Learning Resource site, where you’ll find blogs and videos to answer many of the howwhat, and why questions you’ve asked us through the years. We trust that you’ll also find this site useful in creating immediate interest in your courses and private sessions.

May the Bali event fulfill your personal and professional goals, and may we all keep moving with joy!

Love to all,

Paul and Gail

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