Meet Paul and Gail



What a life to wake up to each morning! Well into retirement age, I’m still active, healthy, and finding the satisfaction of providing service to a worldwide community. My wife, Gail, and I enjoy our time together, our close-knit family, and a creative partnership in which we’re always teaching and developing new books and projects. In private-session work, I value facilitating people’s self-discovery and helping them notice new ways to learn through movement. Further, I get to travel around the globe teaching delightful people. Through the universality of body intelligence, I share the methods I’ve been privileged to innovate with these students of many countries and cultures.



The Edu-K work brings me varied pleasures. It provides a continuously creative conversation with my husband, Paul, and with teammates—one that produces a stream of fulfilling projects. Through simple movements, I feel at peace, spark my own imagination, and keep the flexibility to get down on the floor with my grandkids! With students, it’s a singular joy to give support as they bring new eyes and ears to their world, self-express through art, or connect with the satisfaction of reading and writing. I appreciate the growth, balance, and challenge of gaining new skills every day, and value seeing my intentions manifest merely through the things I put heart and energy into.


For a complete listing of the Dennison’s Learning-through-Movement series, and additional books coauthored by Paul and Gail, please click the below link:

Dennison Books

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