Dennison Books

The Learning-through-Movement Series

and Books Coauthored by the Dennisons



Brain Gym®: Teacher’s Edition
by Gail E. Dennison and Paul E. Dennison

Brain Gym®: Simple Activities for Whole-Brain Learning
by Gail E. Dennison and Paul E. Dennison

Brain-Gym_Simple-Activities-Cards_HAP_Edu-KinestheticsBrain Gym® Activity Cards (a set of 26 cards)
by Gail E. Dennison and Paul E. Dennison

Vision Gym®: Playful Activities for Natural Seeing (a card set and booklet)
by Gail E. Dennison and Paul E. Dennison


Brain Gym® and Me: Reclaiming the Pleasure of Learning
by Paul E. Dennison

Brain Gym® for Business: Instant Brain Boosters for on the Job Success,
coauthored by Gail E. Dennison, Paul E. Dennison, and Jerry V. Teplitz

I Am the Child: Using Brain Gym with Children Who Have Special Needs,
by Cecilia (Freeman) Koester with Gail E. Dennison

Amazing Grades! 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster
by Pat Wyman and 100 other authors, and including a chapter
by Paul E. Dennison and Gail E. Dennison

For information on the above books, visit the Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc. bookstore.


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