The Integrated Movements

The Integrated Movements, developed in 1989 by Paul and Gail Dennison, are based on the circle, the spiral, and the Lazy 8. Such flowing movements naturally take one through all three anatomical planes to access a full range of motion in three dimensions: laterality, centering, and focus.

Some of these curving movements involve a gentle rotation around the spine and help to establish a proprioceptive awareness of the central midline—something that is, in Edu-K, foundational to ease of academic learning. Since the fight-or-flight response pulls one out of natural alignment, these movements work to restore postural neutrality. The movements were given playful names that speak of positive emotional qualities, to invite choice making and release of any fight-or-flight reactions. For example, the “Give and Take” movement for unconditional love can provide an experience of reciprocal support and mutuality in relationship.

The Integrated Movements are taught in Educational Kinesiology in Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence, and in the Movement Dynamics course as part of the Os and 8s Flow.

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