The Vision Gym Activities


Vision, a learned skill of attention, gives us a vital entrée to our physical world.

Vision is distinct from the sense of sight. Relaxed and effective vision is the happy result of both eyes working together with awareness of those qualities that make up visual perception. Our visual experience is 90 percent mental and subjective—perceived in the brain—and is structured by the awareness we give to light and color, shape, texture, volume, and movement.

The 34 Vision Gym® activities help us to keep our vision active, fine-tune our visual skills, and more fully appreciate our sense of sight. The activities invite us to explore and coordinate looking, listening, touch, and movement so as to function in life more fully, enjoying all of our senses.

The activities were developed by Gail and Paul Dennison, and have been taught since 1989 as part of a course known as Visioncircles*. Visioncircles participants learn eight Action Balances, each exploring the skills and awareness involved in a specific perceptual space, such as proprioception, audition, hand-eye coordination, and seeing while moving.

The playful Vision Gym movements can be used without having had the course. Each takes just a minute to do as it specifically reinforces one or more visual, sensory, or motor skills. The Vision Gym activities are a further enrichment of the Edu-K program used in homes, schools, and businesses worldwide; they have been translated into eight languages.

The five Vision Gym movement categories (with symbols shown below) make activity selection easy. Use the Star Catchers for eye relaxation; Hugs for spatial, proprioceptive awareness; Bubbles for attentiveness to the physical space and geometric planes in which movement occurs; Rhythm Circles to explore complex patterns of looking and moving; and Space Crossers for near-to-far visual flexibility. For a tiny taste of the work, check out these videos of Knee Hugs (the Bubbles category) and Soft Edges (the Star Catchers category), or see the Soft Edges game on the Fun page.


The Vision Gym activities are described in Vision Gym®: Playful Movements for Natural Seeing, a card set and booklet, by Gail E. Dennison and Paul E. Dennison. 

*To find a Visioncircles Instructor in your area, click here.

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