Even perfect strangers can make beautiful art together using the Double Doodle activity from Brain Gym, as in the mural pics below. Here’s what ten people from different cultures—each using their two hands in concert—created cooperatively.

Any kind of media works well: here, crayons, markers, and poster paint on butcher paper. As we negotiated space and boundaries, we held a joint sustained attention, each adding unique colors, shapes, expressions. In 20+ minutes of Double Doodling, we enjoyed deep visual relaxation, along with the delight of coordinating our two hands as we moved them over the page. Notice how the rhythm and high energy of the play shine through!

The Double Doodle is from Brain Gym(R) Teacher’s Edition by Paul and Gail Dennison (C) Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc., 2010.

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(c) 2019 Gail Dennison. All rights reserved.

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