This week, two students in Japan emailed me their Double Doodle* portfolios as fulfillment of their final requirements to be able to teach the workshop Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole-Brain Vision. And, just a few weeks back, I received a portfolio from a student in Venezuela. These collections are each comprised of twenty images drawn or painted by the prospective teacher using two hands together, plus another twenty done by their students. Many of these images are as elaborate as the crayon resist example that I created, entitled “Two Butterflies,” shown in the photo above.

Ever since I introduced the Teacher Training course for Double Doodle Play in France in 2005, reviewing these student portfolios has been a project that touches my heart and soul. I’m delighted by the freshness and variety of the images I receive. I see most often the emergence of a unique style or flair, and always a candid expression that brings me much pleasure.

*For more about the Double Doodle activity, see Brain Gym® Teacher’s Edition, by Paul and Gail Dennison.

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