October 28: Yesterday I taught the first day of the Dennison Approach to Whole-Brain Learning—happy to be focusing once again, after the exuberance of the last few days, on the basics of getting new students grounded and reading. In the evening, having completed a long day of teaching and a late supper, I arrived at my hotel looking forward to some deep sleep. As I still had one more day of teaching, I was surprised when the concierge asked me at what time I would be checking out tomorrow. She clarified for me that all guests would be ending their stays the next day, as the hotel was closing for a two-week holiday. In 50 years of travel abroad, this was a first; I have never heard of a hotel closing. As I also well know, Europeans take their holidays quite seriously!

Today, before class, I moved all my things to the Hotel Rosli, a charming old bed and breakfast nearby. I’ve stayed here with Gail, and we always enjoy it. This time I was in the slanted attic room, three flights up, with a tiny shower that I’ve heard stories about, so I was prepared for the adventure of bending my head down to wash. Throughout the trip, I have enjoyed the church bells that chime every quarter hour. Somehow they’re especially resonant today.

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