I Spy

Ages 5 and up


What You’ll Need:

Your eyes and at least one friend.

What You Do:

In this game, you take turns using your eyes to spot interesting things around you. When it’s your turn, pick something you can easily see, and say, “I spy, with my little eye, something . . . ” and then say what color it is and also say if it’s big or small, shiny, round, or any other words you want to use to describe it. For example: “I spy, with my little eye, something big and blue.” Your friends then look around and guess things in the room based on the color and other clues that you gave, until they find what it is that you spied. Each player can ask you three yes or no questions to help in the guessing. “Is it round? . . . Is it the big blue ball?”

What’s Happening:

You and your friends are practicing a visual skill called scanning, in which the thing you’re looking for “pops out” at you. We enjoy using our brain and eyes this way because we like to make a match between what we’re looking for and what we see.

If you want to scan more quickly, do the Brain Buttons and/or Lazy 8s activities, which can help your eyes to relax so they scan more smoothly. Then continue your game.

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