This morning I got an urgent message from a woman I’ll call Erika whom I first met at a workshop I taught in Long Island, New York, in the late 1990s. Having just survived Hurricane Sandy, she was now staying with family members in California. In her voicemail, Erika asked for a private balancing session with me, saying that she was quite stressed and had been unable to think, relax, or concentrate since the traumatic event.

When Erika came to my office, she shuddered as she spoke about how she was alone in her house all night long during the hurricane, as the wind howled and trees toppled all around the property. Now she set a goal of being able to move forward in her life.

In the balance, I first helped Erika notice how her movement patterns were not supporting her skills of communication, organization, or comprehension. We then chose a learning menu, including 3-D Repatterning, a process for coordinating the body’s three postural dimensions within the context of a goal. The menu also included Movement Re-education, a process for learning how to activate formerly misused muscles in order to shift out of movement patterns that are unsupportive of a goal, and Hook-ups (from the Brain Gym® 26) to support self-calming.

After the balance, Erika was, in her own words, able to relax, “let go of the storm,” and feel comfortable in her body once more. Ready to move ahead again, she expressed that she now felt calm, peaceful, and confident about the future.

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