Soft Edges, from Vision Gym®

Ages 7 and up


What You’ll Need:

Your eyes and hands and some curiosity.

What You Do:

Shake your hands in front of you (not too quickly!) until they feel relaxed. As you lightly blink, slowly move your fingers in front of your eyes, noticing their varied shapes against the light. Look first at your moving fingers, then through them at a shape or color that you notice in the distance. Let your eyes look in a soft way.

More advanced: Move your fingers gently in front of any tension in your eyes, as though “softening the edges” of the strain.

What’s Happening:

Blinking lubricates and relaxes the eyes. Looking at things that move gets the brain to pay attention and the eyes to refocus, which helps release tense eye muscles. Looking from near to far exercises the flexibility of the eyes and brain. And looking in a soft way like this helps you relax the staring habit and use more of your peripheral vision—the part of your seeing that takes in big chunks of information at once.

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