Paul and Gail – Reflections on 2012

This momentous year has turned out to be an exciting and creative time! Among many other new projects, we’re pleased to be preparing this Hearts at Play website where you’ve now landed. You’ll find it to be a valuable resource for parents, students, educators, and all others exploring the flourishing field of learning through movement.

As always, we’re meeting with friends old and new who come to us for private balancing sessions. We’re also developing yet another book, and have recently contributed a chapter to learning expert Pat Wyman’s multi-modality Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster.


Besides all this, we’re enjoying teaching close to home. Our professional courses this year, taught at our offices in Ventura, California, have included three 10-day retreats that brought together students from 14 countries—some as far away as Europe and the Asian Pacific—to learn cooperatively and experientially. Joni Wirsing, our office manager, takes great pride in helping students feel at home, making sure they have the materials they need, and providing course refreshments. Students of the retreats are calling these opportunities a great, community-building way to learn.

This year’s roster of courses included in our retreats:

  • Brain Gym® 101: Balance for Daily Life
  • Educational Kinesiology in Depth: The Seven Dimensions of Intelligence
  • Total Core Repatterning; Movement Reeducation
  • The Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum
  • Creative Vision
  • The annual Optimal Brain Organization Teacher Training

We also got to enjoy the coziness of teaching for three days at our Ventura home, where we offered Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole-Brain Vision, along with its two-day Teacher Training—made festive by a potluck featuring Paul’s Pumpkin Soup.  Our students are always delightful people who bring out the best in us.





As holiday festivities begin, we feel a deep gratitude for this work that we so love, and for our colleagues around the world who join with us in carrying it on. And, on this Hearts at Play site, we thank our editor, Sonia Nordenson; web designer, John Hargrove; and assistant blog writer, Brynna Hargrove, along with our own lively muses, for the vision, color, and playfulness that provide fun new ways to share our work, studies, and discoveries with you!

Happy family celebrations to all, and we hope to see you in a workshop in the New Year!


© 2012 by Paul and Gail Dennison. All Rights Reserved.

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Creating Beauty with Two Hands


This week, two students in Japan emailed me their Double Doodle* portfolios as fulfillment of their final requirements to be able to teach the workshop Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole-Brain Vision. And, just a few weeks back, I received a portfolio from a student in Venezuela. These collections are each comprised of twenty images drawn or painted by the prospective teacher using two hands together, plus another twenty done by their students. Many of these images are as elaborate as the crayon resist example that I created, entitled “Two Butterflies,” shown in the photo above.

Ever since I introduced the Teacher Training course for Double Doodle Play in France in 2005, reviewing these student portfolios has been a project that touches my heart and soul. I’m delighted by the freshness and variety of the images I receive. I see most often the emergence of a unique style or flair, and always a candid expression that brings me much pleasure.

*For more about the Double Doodle activity, see Brain Gym® Teacher’s Edition, by Paul and Gail Dennison.

© 2012 by Gail E. Dennison. All Rights Reserved.

Brain Gym® is a trademark of Brain Gym®  International. Click here for the name of an instructor in you area.

Inspiring Images from Our Travels to Coyoacan

November 12: Today I received photos from a friend, artist, student of kinesiology, and photographer Christa Ostertag, bringing back memories of one of our special workshop events this year. Under the sponsorship of CIKA (Centro Integral de Kinesiología Aplicada®) and organized by Margarita Ehrensperger, our longtime friend, fellow kinesiologist, and Brain Gym® International Faculty member, Paul taught The Dennison Approach to Whole-Brain Learning course to an enthusiastic group of 90 parents and schoolteachers in colorful Mexico City, followed by my teaching the Double Doodle Play and Double Doodle Teacher Training courses to dozens of Brain Gym® Instructors in nearby Coyoacan.



Paul and I loved seeing the imaginative Double Doodle* images and hearing the stories created by our south-of-the border students, who had great fun using both hands together to draw and paint. Margarita has already completed her portfolio of artwork and taught her first course of Double Doodle Play—congratulations to Margarita and others who are on their way to teaching this fun and creative course!


*In the 1960s, Paul learned “bilateral drawing” from developmental optometrist G.N. Getman, author of How to Develop Your Child’s Intelligence; in the 1980s, we elaborated on this playful activity and renamed it Double Doodle, including it as one of the 26 Brain Gym® activities.

© 2012 by Gail E. Dennison. All Rights Reserved.

Brain Gym® is a trademark of Brain Gym®  International. Click here for the name of an instructor in you area.

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