Action Balances in Oz

For the last two days I’ve taught the Dennison Approach to Whole-Brain Learning. It’s always a pleasure for me to relax with students into this basic course after going into considerable depth in the more advanced ones. Having experienced the graduate-level work, learners can now better understand the intricacies of these seemingly simple balances. Of course, some students here are recently new to the Edu-K work. I welcome their interest and initial hesitation, and I enjoy the interplay between those still questioning the learning that they’re witnessing in my demonstrations and those who have already experienced it through and through many times and just want to learn how I teach the concepts.

In the Action Balance for Reading, the volunteer, whom I’ll call Karen, was amazed at the difference after she did the Lazy 8s, Brain Buttons, and Belly Breathing, among the other Brain Gym® activities used for the balance. Karen was immediately able to read on the midfield with both eyes together instead of inhibiting the vision of her left eye to avoid the midfield. When Karen read after the balance, students heard a dramatic transformation from one-word-at-a time, linear decoding—without understanding—to energetic, expressive reading that engaged both the listener and the reader herself with full comprehension!

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