Amazingly, four of my Alexander seedlings are sprouting. According to Wild Garden Seed’s 2012 catalog, the Alexander is “a biennial relative of celery and angelica, once widely cultivated in the Mediterranean for its fleshy petioles before celery became a well-domesticated vegetable.” The flavor is said to be similar to celery, but milder. And this veggie was supposedly a daily part of Alexander the Great’s diet. They grow through the spring and are eaten in early summer.


I had given up on them in late October (the end of the eight-week “wet chilling” incubation period), and didn’t even notice till today that their delicate double leaves and tiny vertical stems had broken through the soil in the egg carton planter I set out on the porch. I immediately transplanted the seedlings along the edge of the patio, where they’ll stay in the shade that they like.

Such strong verticality in nature reminds me to attend to my own alignment. All too often, I find myself sitting or standing in ways that don’t support my natural well-being. Then I can do some Energy Exercises from the Brain Gym® 26, or some favorite Vision Gym® activities, to restore a relaxed alignment, with my head centered over my torso and hips.

The name of these tiny plants also reminds me of the great movement educator F.M. Alexander (1869-1955), an Australian actor who developed the Alexander Technique of Postural Development. Alexander’s simple way of paying attention to movement habits and letting go of excessive tension has been an essential building block of Paul’s and my own work in Educational Kinesiology, and is also the inspiration for the Energy Fountain* activity from Vision Gym®.

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*The Energy Fountain, an activity that connects learners with this verticality in gravity, is from Vision Gym®: Playful Movements for Natural Seeing, by Gail E. Dennison and Paul E. Dennison. 

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