I woke up not feeling great. So, in the spirit of transitioning to a new year, I decided to do a review of some of my favorite remembrances. It was quite chilly in the house so I turned on the heater, went back to bed, and cozied up under the blankets in such a way that I could do the Positive Points (see below), one of the 26 Brain Gym® activities, while I rested. I meant to think about my family of origin and scenes from my childhood, but really had nothing particular in mind except self-regeneration.


Almost the moment my pulses started to synchronize, I saw a sweeping, crystal-clear image of the San Gabriel Mountains that day after day came into view for me as I looked out the dining room windows of my childhood home. These majestic mountains with their deep blue, brown, and white crevasses appeared to me with a larger-than-life beauty, like old friends reassuring me of their constancy. I then saw them from another angle: as I walked the few blocks to my elementary school they always danced along with me behind the tall pines on the corner.



Next I found myself looking up at the pines themselves. Completely black and swaying, they pointed upward into the summer night sky as I took my turn being pulled along in the red wagon by my mother. Then I saw our first family visit to the regional park in San Dimas Canyon. I saw Mom spreading a picnic blanket under the trees and placing my baby sister there, and heard Dad’s enthusiasm as he let us kids know that he had procured a motorboat. The canyon was filled with wonderful echoing sounds—of birdsong, of wind in the trees and the lapping of water, of nature. Out on the water with my father, sister, and brother, I felt the boat’s slow rocking, the silver ripples of the lake moving us rhythmically.




These lovely multisensory visions continued for five to ten minutes—images of the giant redwood trees, the ocean lit by a rising sun, falling stars in the desert’s vast night sky, and finally the giant eucalyptus trees that stood next door to our house. As I opened my eyes, my body was permeated by a wonderful feeling of calm nurturance and gratitude to my parents for the precious ways in which they gave me a lasting connection to nature. I’m so grateful, too, to have the Positive Points to allow me to reflect on—and deepen—my sensory memories.


To do the Positive Points: With the fingertips of your two hands, lightly hold the two points halfway between your hairline and your eyebrows, above the center of each eye. Use only enough pressure to pull taut the slackness of the skin. You may feel a neurovascular pulse at each point; allow these points to synchronize. Explore using this process to release stress, enhance memory, or build sensory images, as described above (such sensory rehearsal supports skills of comprehension).


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