The Star in the Apple

Ages 8 and up, with adult help


The Apple Star

Take an apple round and red.

Don’t slice down,

slice through instead.

Right inside it you will see

a star as pretty as can be!

            —Author unknown

What You’ll Need:

One whole apple and a knife to cut it with.

What You Do:

Set the apple on its side on a plate or other flat surface and very carefully slice it down the middle. As the apple falls into two pieces, notice the star on each of them. (Be sure to cut the apple horizontally, because if you cut it vertically—stem to stern—you won’t find any star.)

 What’s Happening:

You’re discovering one of the countless lovely designs in nature. How many others can you find?

To read (and follow along with) a participation story about the apple star, see “The Little Red House”on page 113, along with other great Brain Gym games, in Brain Gym®: Teacher’s Edition, 2010.

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