G’day, mates! I’m enjoying being here in Melbourne, Australia, with many friends old and new. It’s summer here, and very hot, and I’m teaching a two-day postgraduate Movement Re-education workshop to a lovely group of eighteen people. Julie Gunstone, my sponsor, makes sure I have whatever I need for this series of courses, including good company, good food, time for R&R, and lots of laughter.

My first trip to Australia was with Gail in 1986. We brought along a rough draft of our book Brain Gym®: Simple Activities for Whole-Brain Learning, conceived as a homeplay reminder, which was enthusiastically received and has since become a best seller, translated into more than forty languages. I love working with the Aussies, and always learn from them. They are lighthearted over here and don’t take things too seriously. They never seem to have problems, addressing concerns with a cheery “No worries, mate.”

I teach Movement Re-ed by doing many balances (Edu-K’s process of “five steps to easy learning”), each balance highlighting a different way to notice and release compensatory movement patterns. Now more than ever, I’m emphasizing alignment, and getting great feedback from students on this small yet important enhancement of the course. I appreciate the way these Brain Gym graduates bring their awareness into every new balance. As they set goals together, they jump into any opportunity to advocate for one another. They balance  to expand their movement and sensory modalities for each goal, and, in a friendly, collaborative way, hold one another accountable for following through on intentions.

There was one highlight that I especially enjoyed. A young woman I’ll call Jill said that, as she initially thought about her goal, she noticed that her breathing became tense and short. After the balance, she said her goal now felt more accessible, and that she was excited to be able to breathe more fully and even feel the ribs in her back move with each inhalation! It gives me great happiness to be able to support people in embodying their dreams and desires and the longings of their heart in this way.

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